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Power Efficiency & Consumption

Whether you are mining for profit or to hold the coins you need to be concerned with power efficiency in your power supply and power consumption of your rig. If your power supply is not efficient you will be wasting electricity that is costing you money and it will be getting dispersed as noise, movement or heat. This can lead to premature failure of the power supply. All rigs that we supply have a power factor of at least 95%, which is considered efficient.

When choosing a GPU to mine with, you should be mostly concerned about its performance with the hashing algorithm in question. Different cards hash at different speeds depending upon what algorithm your are targeting. The second most important factor after choosing your algorithm is the hashing efficiency. Lets choose Ethash with Etherum as a example. This is generally expressed in Kilohash per second per watt (KH/s/w) or Kilohash per joule (KH/j). Often people think the fastest highest hashing card is the best and go out searching for Geforce RTX 3060, 3070, 3080 & 3090's. But when you compare the KH/j of a few cards you see that you are paying a fair amount for the high hash power in terms of capital. Usually you are best sticking with a Geforce GTX 1660 Super, Geforce RTX 2060, RX 570. RX 580 or something with a lower hash rate, but often lower power consumption and significantly lower capital cost in dollars per MH/s. You should be looking for 250 KH/j as a minimum. The higher the better.

So, perhaps you should reconsider what you are looking for in terms of GPUs. If you were just going to get high hashing cards because the hash rate is better, you may wish to check your numbers again. It will take longer to pay off those cards as they are in high demand from gamers and miners. And the up front cost can become difficult to justify. Consider this example;

  1. 2 x Geforce RTX 3090 = $8,000 (eBay April 2021). Performance = 226 MH/s Ethash, Power 560w
    = 403.57 KH/j | $35.40 per MH/s

  2. 8 x Geforce GTX 1660 Super = $5,500 (eBay April 2021). Performance = 240 MH/s Ethash, Power 615w
    = 390.24 KH/j | $22.92 per MH/s
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