ASIC Mining Rig List

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Antminer S17+ (Refurbished)
Antminer S19 (90 TH/a -> 255 TH/s)
Antminer D9 1.77 TH/s
Antminer KA3 166 TH/s
Antminer K7 63.5 TH/s
Goldshell SC6-SE 17 TH/s
Goldshell HS6 4.3 TH/s
Goldshell CK6 19.3 KH/s
Goldshell HS6-SE 3.7 TH/s
Goldshell ST BOX 13.92 KH/s
Goldshell HS3 2.0 TH/s
Other Miners
iPollo G1 36 GP/s
iBeLink BM-K3 70 TH/s
iBeLink BM-N3 25 TH/s
Jasminer X4 2.5 GH/s
Jasminer X16-Q 1.845 GH/s (May 2023)
ForestMiner EPU XC 4.25 GH/s
MicroBT WhatsMiner M56S 212 TH/s
asic mining rig
asic crypto mining rig

Included with every Rig order:

OS Configuration

If you don't have the confidence to set up your own ASIC mining rig, we can complete the setup for you and when it is delivered to you it will be plug and play.

Free Pickup

Collect your rig to avoid delivery charges from our office in Jolimont. Or organise your own courier.

Genuine Goods

We have relationships with distributors in China who only supply genuine hardware from the original manufacturer.

Full Manufacturer Warranty

All hardware is fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Simply contact the manufacturer directly to resolve any issues with your device.

asic rig
asic mining rigs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to configure the ASIC Miner?

Yes, unless you choose to have us configure it for you. We can set up the rig to mine through a specific mining pool and we will assist you to set up an account on that mining pool.

How long will it take to get my rig?

We generally do not stock any ASIC mining rigs. So from the time of receipt of full payment up front it usually takes 2 weeks for us to receive your goods, then we will ship out to you, or you can pick the goods up.

How much is shipping?

Insured shipping is charged depending upon what you buy and where you are. The range is usually $50 to $150. If you live in Perth we strongly suggest picking your rig up to avoid this cost.

Where should I put my rig while it's mining?

You need to keep your rig in a cool dry environment. Rigs require power and network access. ASIC mining rigs are generally fairly noisy due to the high speed cooling fans. You may want to keep the rig in a detached building in a residential setting. Ask us about our quiet ASIC rigs if noise is a big concern for you.

Still have questions?