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Introduction - What's a GPU Mining Rig

A simple explanation of what a GPU mining rig is.

What is is?

A GPU crypto mining rig is basically a computer with one or more graphics processing units (GPUs) or graphics / video cards. The GPUs complete complex calculations in order to verify transactions on and secure the blockchain of various digital assets or crypto currencies. The system includes all the basic minimum components of any computer. Therefore it is more efficient to fill the computer with numerous GPUs that all work off these shared resources. You can get rigs with 16 or more GPUs in the one system. Generally these will be hobbled together with multiple power supplies and many cables and adapters.

We've been supplying 6-8 GPU crypto mining rigs into the Australian market since 2017. We stick with 6 to 8 GPUs to keep the rig compact, easy to ship and plug and play. Our rigs are fully enclosed in a server style case. To learn more about our crypto mining rigs, see this link. Crypto Mining Rigs....

Why do people mine crypto?

$$$$ Why else?? When you have a crypto mining rig the operating system is configured to direct any shares of the digital assets you 'mine' into a wallet or address you control. People generally take two views when they are looking to get into crypto minnig.

  1. Mine & Sell - A miner will mine crypto and setup the system to always optimise for efficiency. They will convert their digital assets to bitcoin or fiat currency to pay their bills. They are interested in operating profit and payback period of the hardware.

  2. Mine & Hold - A miner will mine crypto to hold a digital currency and either convert that currency to bitcoin, or hold the underlying currency. They will not sell the digial assets they create. They are banking on the assets going up in value in the future and have purchased the mining rig to generate assets, instead of purchasing the assets directly.

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