Crypto Pit Pty Ltd is a cryptocurrency & web development company. We provide products and services to support cryptocurrency and we develop database driven websites.

Supporting mining, buying and selling cryptocurrency in Australia | Providing PHP web development services worldwide

We are located in Perth, Western Australia.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, don't miss out

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum will be a part of the future.

Mining cryptocurrency for income

You could purchase and hold cryptocurrency, or you could be a part of the future and mine cryptocurrency by verifying blockchain transactions. Read more in our help section. Read More...

We sell mining rigs built here in Perth

Using local and imported parts we build GPU cryptocurrency mining rigs here in Perth, WA. These rigs can mine Ether and many popular altcoins. Check out the mining rig page to find out more info. Mining Rigs...

Custom Database Driven Web Development

Do you have a software system in your business that's not adding any value to your operations? Do you want to transform it into a modern web driven system hosted by you or by us? Click to learn more. Web Development...