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Nvidia CMP HX Series Mining Card

You may have seen this page HERE, which shows details of the new Nvidia CMP (Crypto Mining Processors) HX Series cards. Rumor had it that they were going to be more expensive, have a limited warranty and limited resale. This all seems about right. There are no ports to connect a display and the one I received didn't even have a box! Talk about basic. So what are they like for mining? Let's find out.

Nvidia CMP 30HX GPU

The card I got hold of is a Geforce Nvidia CMP 30HX. I connected the single card to my test rig and tried to tweak it for maximum hash rate and then maximum efficiency. I looked at the card in Windows 10 and also Nice Hash and Hive OS. These are the results.

GPU-Z Doesn't know what this is!

Nvidia CMP 30HX

Nice Hash Excavator on Windows 10

Nvidia CMP 30HX Mining Performance Nvidia CMP 30HX Nice Hash Windows
Operating System Notes Ethash Power
Windows 10 Fully Recognised 27.41 MH/s
27.25 MH/s
30.74 MH/s
Hive OS (0.6-203@210403) Partially Recognised, couldn't overclock 27.48 MH/s
Nice Hash (1.2.8) Not Recognised 0 MH/s

The Verdict : These look like a viable alternate. Slightly more expensive ($800 May 2021) than a gaming card with similar performance, but the ability to reduce the power consumption down to 67w makes this good for mining efficiency. Hopefully the Linux operating systems will upgrade their driver packages to enable full support on those platforms. It will be interesting to see what sort of performance these get with other algorithms. If the availability of these increases the price may reduce as I don't think they're going to move very quickly initially, there are still better options out there.

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